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We’re On Fire! Four New Genesis WordPress Sites Live

With business events, entrepreneurial conferences, software conferences, our local Sacramento WordPress Meetup group, and a few WordCamps, Brian and I have been traveling a lot the past few months. Then when you throw in all our normal client work, and running our own business, things get a little crazy and the hours behind our computers get a little long.

Luckily we LOVE what we do — and we LOVE the Internet. In the past four weeks, we have taken four different Genesis WordPress sites live — Cool right?! Here they are:

Write to Incite — Custom, Responsive, Genesis WordPress Theme Design

Write to Incite Digital Copywriting

Write to Incite is a San Diego-based consultancy specializing in digital content strategy and online copywriting. Michele Richardson and her team develop clear, results-oriented content for your website, blog, email, social media, mobile and more.

Michele hired Bourn Creative to design a custom WordPress site powered by the Genesis Framework that was completely responsive, as well as her social media design and email newsletter design. Check out Write to Incite in our portfolio

Kailash Sozzani — Custom, Genesis WordPress Theme Design

Kailash Sozzani

Kailash Sozzani works with women entrepreneurs to empower and transform the way they look (color, clothes, hair,etc.), think (their beliefs) and feel about themselves (self-esteem). For Kailash, transforming the way they look on the outside to express who they are on the inside, gives them confidence and power to create the money, business, and life that they want.

Kailash hired Bourn Creative to design a custom WordPress Website (powered by the Genesis Framework), social media design, and ezine design. Check out Kailash’s site in our portfolio

Focus Property Management Group — StudioPress Theme Customization

Focus Property Management Group

Focus Property Management Group provides a wide range of property management services for communities and home owners associations. Their goal is to provide the financial oversight and management needed to ensure the investment in their members’ homes are protected, and the responsibilities of the Association are met within budget.

Focus PMG hired Bourn Creative to create a new website for the business by customizing an existing StudioPress WordPress theme. Check out their WordPress project in our portfolio

Kelly Roach Coaching — Custom, Genesis WordPress Theme Design

Kelly Roach Coaching

Kelly Roach is a rapid results expert and highly skilled time-compression coach. She teaches business leaders innovative business strategies to rapidly increase productivity and profits (often by 50% or more).

Kelly hired Bourn Creative to create a custom WordPress website (powered by the Genesis Framework), ezine design, social media design, speaker one sheet and form design, and the design of her free CD. Check out Kelly’s projects in our portfolio

Are you ready to seriously uplevel your online brand and website?

Our ideal clients usually have all the pieces of a successful online business in place already — the pieces just aren’t very good. Nor are they all working together to build one rock solid brand reputation. They know that while what they have in place got them to where they are today, it isn’t going to get them where they want to go.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to step up your brand in a big way, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your blah business presence into an extraordinary brand and create a WordPress website that works when you’re not working.

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  1. Jennifer, you have a clear way of describing that customer- they have all the pieces in place but they just aren’t very good! And love this: “They know that while what they have in place got them to where they are today, it isn’t going to get them where they want to go.”

    As businesses grow and change, they need to remember their online presence has to keep up with the changes. What was okay a couple of years ago probably isn’t okay anymore in our online presence. So many need the services of a great branding and website firm such as yours.

    I love the work you do. Thanks for showcasing some new examples.


    • Amy – Thank you! Getting crystal clear on exactly who our ideal clients are and where they are in there business had made a huge difference for us. It’s allowed us to meet them where they’re at with our message and as a result, we close sales much faster :)

  2. Jennifer, what I love about this post is that it shows the versatility and POSSIBILITY that effective WordPress design offers. As you and I both know, though, just because someone can look it up and install it, doesn’t mean they can do it. You guys are the masters. Your sites look incredible but even more importantly, the do the heavy lifting for your clients. Many of my clients are professional service providers, other consultants or coaches and not all are on WordPress. It’s one of the foundations I recommend as I help them design and market their business better.

    • Sherri – Amen! So many believe WordPress is limiting and that you don’t have a lot of flexibility … but that is only because they’ve only worked with semi-savvy providers who can’t do a whole lot more than change the colors, fonts, and add a header to an existing theme.

      I appreciate your support and LOVE that you understand that with custom WordPress sites, the sky’s the limit … it just comes down to budget :)

  3. I really love WordPress! And I love all of the sites you do. The customization that surprised me the most is the one you’ve done for Kailash… this really highlights what is possible!

    Totally agree with your response to Sherri above too – that the perceived limitations of WordPress customization are largely due to the onslaught of semi-savvy providers who can only do the minimum.

    Can’t wait to see your next set of sites that go live!

  4. Four great sites Jennifer
    All very different and all bright, colourful and inviting.

    Love the use of orange on “Write to Incite” – not an easy colour to work with.

    Congratulations on four great sites.

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