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WordPress Plugins for the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

***Updated September 30, 2012***

We develop all of our custom WordPress projects exclusively on top of the Genesis Framework by StudioPress, and there a few Genesis-exclusive WordPress plugins we use when creating our custom themes.

For non-Genesis specific plugins, check out our list of our favorite top free WordPress plugins we use that are compatible with most WordPress themes.

Combine the plugins from both lists that you need, along with a Genesis based theme, and you can create a very powerful WordPress site for your business.

WordPress Plugins for the Genesis Framework

  • Genesis Simple Edits
    This is my number one plugin that goes on almost every Genesis site. Use this plugin to edit the footer credits text and the blog post author info & blog post meta info (categories and tags).
  • Genesis Widgetized Footer
    This plugin is a more robust option for customizing the footer of Genesis child themes using widgets. It still supports all of the Genesis shortcodes, but with widgets you can add additional items like menus, search boxes, etc.
  • Genesis Slider
    This is a simple featured content/image slider plugin that is easily added to any widgeted area of a theme. There are multiple options and configuration possibilities available.
  • Genesis Responsive Slider
    This plugin is very similar to Genesis Slider but has a few different options and most importantly; it works with responsive (mobile friendly) themes by resizing itself to the screen size.
  • Genesis Simple Sidebars
    This plugin allows you to create multiple sidebars and assign them on each post, page, category, or tag page. This one is great for displaying one sidebar on your main WordPress pages and a different sidebar on your blog.
  • Genesis Simple Menus
    Similar to Simple Sidebars, this plugin allows you to create multiple secondary navigation menus and assign them on different pages, posts, etc.
  • Genesis Subpages As Secondary Menu
    Another plugin for managing the secondary menu by replacing the manually managed secondary menu with one that automatically lists the current section’s subpages.
  • Genesis Title Toggle
    By default the title of your page or post will automatically be inserted at the top of your content. This plugin allows you toggle the automatic title on or off and set sitewide defualts.
  • Genesis Tabs
    This plugin allows you to create a tabbed section within a widget, that can display the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post. It functions similarly to Genesis’ built-in featured post widget.
  • Genesis Simple Hooks
    This plugin creates a new Genesis settings page that allows you to insert code (HTML, shortcodes, and PHP), and attach it to any of the 50+ action hooks throughout the Genesis Framework.
  • Genesis Visual Hook Guide
    Once installed this plugin adds a drop down menu to the admin bar to select between three views (Hook, Filter, and Markup). Select an option or all three to see the hooks in their actual locations on your current theme. This can help you see if you are adding code to right spot using Genesis Simple Hooks.
  • Genesis Simple Comments
    This plugin allows you to easily make changes the comments section and comment form, including changing the size of the comments Gravatar. It’s simple to use and works great.
  • Genesis 404 Page
    Genesis themes have a default 404 page (not found) that displays a loop of archives to your pages and posts when a bad URL is requested. This is fine most of the time, but often you may have hidden pages or posts that you don’t want to be found this way or simply want control over your 404 page. This plugin adds the WordPress editor to its settings to allow you add any content you want.
  • Genesis Custom Post Type Archives
    If your site or theme utilizes custom post types, this plugin extends the Genesis SEO, layout settings, and more to your custom post type archives.
  • SEO Data Transporter
    This plugin isn’t Genesis specific but it will help with transferring your existing SEO data from your current theme or plugin into a form that can be used with Genesis (with Genesis, an SEO plugin isn’t necessary).

There are even a quite a few more Genesis-specific plugins listed in the WordPress plugin repositoryI just haven’t had the chance or the need to try them out yet.

Remember: Only use the plugins you need and deactivate and uninstall any you are not using. Always make sure you backup your site before installing new plugins.

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Comments & Feedback:Check out what others have to say about this post!

  1. Thanks for the suggestions Brian… Simpson and I will have to check these out.

    Have you found any Event Calendar and Registration widgets/plug-ins you prefer? We’ve tested a couple Event/Calendars and think we’ve settled on All-in-One Event Calendar.

    I’ve got a client struggling with an Event Registration page tho, so we’re looking for options for her. (She didn’t get her site from me, but I’ve been ‘coming to the rescue’ so to speak.) ;)

    Happy New Year to you all! Hope to chat soon!

    • I would take a look at the paid version of Event Espresso ( I haven’t actually used this one myself since the need hasn’t come up yet, but from what I have heard and read about it, it would probably be the one I would use.

  2. Tim

    Hi just bought genises and minimal theme. Total newbie can you use the normal WordPress plugins or do they have to be genises specific?

    Thank u :)

    • Hi Tim, Welcome to the Genesis community. You have made a good decision to go with the Genesis Framework for building your WordPress site. To answer you question, yes you can use other WordPress plugins with Genesis. This post is just a list of several plugins that are specific to and only compatible with Genesis.

  3. I am currently using blogger and I want to move to WordPress with a Genesis Framework and Theme. Am I limited to only using the Genesis plugins or do the regular WordPress PLUGINS ALSO function with Genesis themes?

    • Jim, Almost all WordPress plugins are compatible with Genesis based themes. One of the many reasons we love building our sites on Genesis is the bonus of having specific additional plugins available to extend Genesis’ built in functionality. With every site we build we typically will only use 1-3 Genesis specific plugins and the rest are general WordPress plugins.

    • The plugin “Blogger Importer” should work for you. Just go to “Tools” in the WordPress Dashboard and click on “Import” and select the Blogger option to install and run the importer.

  4. Thanks so much for these plugins for Genesis. I am new to Genesis and love it. One site I’m working on is a directory for churches in the greater New York City area. Is there a plugin that you like for directories that gives lots of details and has layers? By that I mean, there are some churches in different boroughs as well as CT and NJ. I need to sort things by several layers, if that makes sense. There are so many. I was looking at Business Directory Plugin. Your thoughts?

  5. Daniel Hicks

    I was a Catalyst Theme user and am now switching over to the Genesis platform. I need to design a National directory with State map for a particular type of business. Are there any Genesis themes to your knowledge that make this job easier. Built in Ad management and paypal integration for listing subsriptions would be good also.

  6. Hi Brian,

    I’m familiar with you and your lovely wife Jennifer, we’re in the same mastermind. I’m thinking of purchasing the event manager theme for the genesis framework. Good or bad decision. Why or why not?

    • Hi there. Unfortunately I haven’t heard of this theme before as it isn’t one created by StudioPress or another theme shop I’m familiar with. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  7. Hello Brian

    You have listed almost all wordpress plugins for genesis framework some of the listed plugins are not even mentioned in studiopress official site. But i think you have missed an Important Plugin “Genesis Design Palette” This plugin is very useful while redesigning the Child theme of Genesis framework. You can search this plugin in WordPress plugins Directory. :)

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