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WordCamp Phoenix 2014, A Weekend of WordPress Awesomeness

WordCamp Phoenix, happening January 17-19, 2014 in Chandler, Arizona, is proud to provide high-quality content regarding the fastest growing and most widely used web content management system — WordPress. WordPress is not only a technology, but a vibrant community. Join us for this three-day weekend event of workshops, classes, and parties featuring the best of what the WordPress community has to offer.

Everyone who uses or creates for WordPress is invited to attend: small business owners, bloggers, designers, developers or anyone else who has an interest in WordPress.

WordCamp Phoenix is a non-profit event, led by a diverse group of volunteers. This conference brings together technology professionals, enthusiasts, vendors and customers to connect with each other and learn about WordPress. This event is made possible with the support and expertise of the local Phoenix WordPress community, sponsors, and amazing speakers who lend their time and talents and a large pool of volunteers and their generous support.

And the coolest part? Brian and I will be there because I’m delivering one of more than 45 presentations! Yep. I’m speaking in the Content & Design track on content — or more specifically:

Content to Cash: Leverage content to attract clients, streamline workflow, and increase profits

We’ve heard it a million times:

  • Content is king
  • No, content is queen, strategy is king
  • Content marketing is the future
  • Create great content to rise to the top of search engines
  • You must blog every day to succeed online
  • Get passive income through information products
  • Leverage content for multiple streams of income
  • Attract ideal clients with content marketing

And all of it is true. But the interpretation of these ideas and beliefs by most business owners is all wrong. Most people, when they think of content marketing, blogging, and information products, think about creating something new — every time. They ask themselves, “What can I create now? What can I create next? What can I make to get me lots of new clients and customers?”

When in reality, they need to be asking themselves a whole different set of questions, like “What can I repurpose and reuse? What was popular with my audience that I can expand on? How can I turn my existing content into valuable tools?”

Now, I’m not saying that you never have to create new content and introduce new ideas — after all, that’s a large part of being a thought leader and authority in your niche. What I’m saying is that you need to …

Do More With What You Have

You need to stop starting from scratch every time and instead reuse, recycle, and repurpose your best content into new and exciting tools and resources you can leverage over and over again. In this presentation you’ll discover strategies to quickly create content that positions you as an expert and attracts new clients and customers and to re-purpose the same content for maximum leverage, visibility, and conversion.

  • I’m going to share the tool I use to map out and write killer headlines for a years’ worth of blog content (or more) in one short block of time
  • Then I’ll demonstrate how to quickly repurpose one blog post into almost 30 new posts you can use for article marketing, guest blogging, and joint ventures, and more
  • And finally, I’ll break down a simple example of turning one piece of content — the right piece of content — into more than 20 different resources for marketing, list building, and product creation.

If you’re bogged down in the trenches of content creation, these strategies will help you create content faster, save countless hours, increase productivity, and get back to what matters most — serving your clients and customers. And, I’m not going to stop there.

Using Content to Improve Workflow and Profitability

I’m then going to show you exactly how we, at Bourn Creative, use the same strategies in a whole different way to provide more value to our clients and increase our profits. You’ll get a peek at the focused content approach we implemented that:

  • Cut our project management time in half
  • Automated our client education
  • Automatically sends tasks and reminders to our team so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Created an smoother workflow
  • Yet still keeps our clients saying, “I feel so cared for” and “Wow, I’m getting so much value from this and I’m not even talking about the design!”

Plus, if you’re not sure how to get started implementing a similar approach in your business, I’ll give you a few examples and share the tool we use to manage it all — and, I’ll have to get you all the important info with none of the fluff — because this talk is only 45 minutes!

Will I See You at WordCamp Phoenix?

If you use WordPress at any level, are you’re even remotely near the Phoenix area, you’d be crazy to not attend this three day buffet of WordPress, design, development, and content training — with no selling or pitching from the stage (AMEN).

So hop to it! Get your ticket today and check out the agenda!

UPDATE: I am happy to report back that my talk was a success and all went well! I love speaking and had a blast at the event. I invite you to read my recap of the event and meet some of my WordPress/WordCamp friends. You can also get the slides and a free PDF resource on writing great headlines in my post about my talk, Content to Cash. And, please check out what some of the attendees said about my talk on Twitter.

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