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How to Plan Your WordPress Site For Conversion

Ask Brian Bourn how he went from being new to WordPress, to being an awesome developer and WordPress wrangler, and he’ll tell you the WordPress community, Twitter, and WordCamps. In fact, WordCamps are probably his favorite part. He travels around the country several times a year to different WordCamps so he can talk shop with his WordPress Twitter buddies, learn some new stuff, and give back whenever he can.

Recently, Brian — Bourn Creative’s lead web developer — was invited to speak at the two-day 2013 Reno-Tahoe WordCamp on April 27-28 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Brian presented on day-two as part of the Designer / Developer track

His talk — How to Plan Your WordPress Site For Conversion — was centered around the belief that building a WordPress site focused on conversion is a deliberate task that requires strategy and organization throughout the entire creative process, from theme design/selection through final content organization and layout.

His presentation was an overview of the design process we use at Bourn Creative with our clients, guiding them to make strategy based decisions on theme design and use of WordPress Menus.

You can watch the video of his presentation below:

Never heard of or been to a WordCamp?

WordCamps are casual, locally organized conferences covering everything related to the free, open-source content management system known as WordPress. WordCamps come in all shapes and sizes but generally include sessions on how to use WordPress in personal and business applications, how to design WordPress-based websites and how to develop WordPress plugins and themes most efficiently without compromising website performance or security.

WordCamps are attended by people ranging from blogging newbies to professional WordPress developers and consultants to business bloggers, and usually combine scheduled programming with unconference sessions and other activities.

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  1. Ryan

    WordCamp is an awesome tool to help increase website conversion. I would recommend it to anyone that is having problems with their conversion rate.

    • I don’t know if WordCamps in general are always good for conversion, as they are WordPress specific, but not topic specific.

      But there are always a wide variety of speakers for developers and for users, about code, about design, and about content … Plus, they make the videos available for free, so anyone can benefit, not just those who attend.

    • Mira – Thanks for stopping by our blog! I think you’ll be quite surprised by how awesome WordCamps are for every level of WordPress user, from novice to advanced developers. Several WordCamps also have help areas where you can go and get help on your own site while you’re there too.

    • Jessica – You should! They are a great way to get help with your site, learn more about how to use and leverage WordPress, and meet talented people … plus, most are only about $30!

  2. There’s one coming to Orlando in November. They are looking for speakers. Get on it Brian and then bring Jennifer with you so I can see her xo

  3. It is always great to be part of a community of people with a common interest.
    The ability to share, learn and network are always a better experience as you already
    feel a connection with everyone there.

    • Mitch – WordCamps are great for brand new users, advanced developers, and everyone between. I was so surprised at the community vibe and the true focus on supporting, helping, sharing, and improving everyone as a whole.

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