Multi-Purpose Marketing Materials Get You More Bang For Your Buck

Yes, digital printing has made traditional marketing materials more affordable. But let’s face it, print marketing is still expensive in comparison to online marketing. As an entrepreneur myself, I know how tight your budget can be and that even though you know you need the print marketing materials, it i sometimes very hard to spend your valuable budget dollars.

So, to help you get the most bang for your buck, I recommend creating print materials that not only use your colors, graphics, message and typefaces to reinforce your branding. But I also recommend materials that can be used for different purposes and in different circumstances.

For example here are five simple multi-purpose strategies:

  1. Print a Rack Card with a perforated business card on one end that tears off. This way they can save your materials and file your business card in their rolodex.
  2. Print a promotional postcard and leave the mailing area blank. Take it with you to networking events instead of your business card and write each person you hand it to a personal note in the blank area.
  3. Print a marketing flyer shell. A shell is just the border or branded areas of the paper. You can then print the main content for the flyers as needed from home, allowing you to customize it for any occasion. Your designer should provide you with a Microsoft Word template to use with it.
  4. Print a bookmark. Bookmarks are a great marketing tool because people save them and actually use them! One side may have a great quote, business tip, or holiday reminder, while the other could list your services and contact information.
  5. Print custom greeting cards. Use the graphic elements on your logo and your brand support graphics to create interesting artwork for the front of a greeting card. By keeping it graphically focused and not including type, you can use the cards for thank yous, follow up, birthdays, holidays and more!
About Jennifer Bourn

As Creative Director of Bourn Creative, Jennifer leads all consulting, strategy, and creative projects. She is an award-winning designer, specializing in custom WordPress theme design, brand design, Legos (Yes, Legos), and graphic design for small business.

Entrenched in the world of online business, Jennifer consults with clients around the world on branding, website planning, and marketing strategies that leverage the internet to generate leads, attract clients, and create opportunities. She speaks regularly at live events, conferences, and workshops around the country, as well as on radio shows, teleclases, webinars, and podcasts.

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