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Marketing Tips to Position You As An Expert

These days everyone wants to be an expert. Heck, everyone thinks they are an expert. I even think some people just wake up and decide to call themselves an expert out of the blue just because they can.

But what about those who want to become a true expert, a real expert, a respected expert? How to they become known as an expert? How to they get other people to say they are an expert and endorse them — instead of them saying it about themselves?

Here are 5 marketing tips to help you become a respected, go-to expert:

Expert Status Marketing Tip 1: Consumers don’t want to hire a jack-of-all-trades, they want to hire an EXPERT

Don’t waste your time being good at lots of things. These days, people don’t want to work with some who is good. Consumer expectations have risen and consumers want to work with people who are great. They want to work with brilliant experts — and they want to refer their friends and family to brilliant experts. No one wants to spend money on something that is okay or mediocre, they want to invest in awesome, stellar, and extraordinary.

Expert Status Marketing Tip 2: To become the go-to resource for your clients and customers you have to show up consistently in a valuable way

There is so much clutter in communications that you are bombarded with millions of different marketing messages, slogans, jingles, tag lines, and calls to action each day. This makes it hard to stay top of mind with your target market and audience. If you want to be remembered and referred, you need to show up clearly, constantly, and consistently, and you need to deliver value, provide help, and connect with others in a genuine way.

Expert Status Marketing Tip 3: Know NOT what you want to sell, but what your clients and customers WANT and NEED from you

Charles Revlon famously said, “I don’t sell makeup, I sell hope.” Now that’s a man who got marketing and understood his ideal client. He knew that the driving force behind women’s decision to buy makeup wasn’t the makeup itself, but the hope it gave them to look more beautiful. Often business owners get so caught up in what they want to sell, that they forget to see if it is even what their market wants or needs. You need to know what they desire and why they desire it first, and then you will be able to create products, programs, and services that deliver the same things.

Expert Status Marketing Tip 4: Constantly work at increasing and strengthening your own skills and become better and better at what you do

When you let go of the things you’re just okay at, and you focus on getting even better at the thing you are brilliant at, you’ll build an undeniable reputation that will attract clients and customers like crazy — Plus, your clients and customers will be so impressed that they will become your craving fans and best brand evangelists. Consumers respect the expert who doesn’t rest on their laurels, and instead works to learn more and become even better, especially when they communicate with their ideal clients and share their knowledge and expertise.

Expert Status Marketing Tip 5: A strong brand can make YOU the solution

Whether it’s through social media, your blog, your website, your live networking, or even your email newsletter, creating a strong brand presence that is ever-present, personal, relevant, dependable, and helpful is the easiest way to stay top of mind with your audience. It’s how you can become an expert in their eyes and the first name that pops into their head when asked, “Do you know someone who does… ?” Also be sure to always follow up. Quality follow up reinforces your expertise and commitment to quality — and it shows your prospects you care about them.

What about you? Do you have another tip to help small business owners position themselves as an expert? Have you had success with one of these strategies? If so, please share below!

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  1. Marketing in today’s age is all about your fifth tip there. You want to be the answer to the question “Do you know someone who…?” It takes strong marketing, but also creating an impacting experience for your clients and customers as well. Good tips, and good blog!

  2. I think the fifth part, branding, is something that can constantly be worked on and improved as your business grows. All are important, but that one is the one people tend to ‘set up and forget.”

    • Exactly Sue! That is not a “set it and forget it” strategy! Branding (building and maintaining your brand) is an ongoing process you’ll be working on for the life of your business.

  3. Love your post. Tip #3 especially resonated with me, as I run into it all the time with clients who want to have a membership site. They get this great idea of what THEY have either wanted or needed in the past, or what THEY want an need now, instead of doing the research to find out if there is anyone else out there that wants or needs it. I believe so many entrepreneurs get so hung up on what they want and what they need, that they forget it’s all about serving the client!

    • Ugh! Terry … Membership sites are a beast! I know they sound glamorous when you think about the ongoing monthly recurring income, but everyone forgets bout the second part … constantly providing awesome content to retain those that sign up AND continuing to meet their expectations!

      • Hey Jennifer and Terry,

        Thanks for your comments about memberships sites. I’ve fallen into this trap of wanting to create a membership site, and I’ve received some encouragement to do so. But that encouragement was never from my customers. My target market seems to want individual fitness DVDs and so that’s what I’m providing, and I’m finally getting comfortable with that strategy. In the long run, this is the best strategy for ME too, along with my customers!

        Thanks for your thoughts :)

  4. These are great tips. I have the opposite challenge with my clients. I have people who won’t market themselves as experts because they are comparing themselves to award winners or people who have 20 years on them, yet don’t have the updated skill set that my clients do. I will share this with them!

    • Jessica – I SO know what you mean! It’s easy to feel inferior to the “big names” that have been around the block and are well known, and feel like you can’t compete.

      You hit the nail on the head though … often these “big names” aren’t keeping up with the latest trends and technology. We witness this big time as well — especially with business and marketing coaches who are still giving their clients advice on websites and internet marketing that they were teaching 3 years ago … but they don’t realize that times have changes and they’re outdated now.

  5. Your article made me think about all the people who talk about being an overnight success after 10 or 12 years! We can all be experts in something, and it just takes a little bit of time to fine tune our marketing towards that end. Point #4 resonated with me. I think even as experts we can improve on a good thing! I have a yearly education plan and love the process, and my clients love the results.

  6. All the marketing in the world won’t matter if you don’t get results for your clients, and continue to refine. And the more you can show results, clarify your focus and target your marketing on that very specific client, the more business you’ll get. People want to see a body of work developed over time and that you are credible and more than the “the next chapter ahead”. When I work with a client on business model and planning, I am looking to define that best position and share those best success stories. The best consultant or marketer is not a magician though… so if you want to get your expert status, you have to get the results first! Great post.

    • Sherri – I agree! Showing your history is crucial. People DO want and need to see that you are dependable, that if they invest in you, you won’t disappear. They need to know you have a track record of success with others. They need to know you have more knowledge that the glossed over stuff you read on someone else’s blog!

  7. Another excellent article Jennifer – I am going to share it on my Facebook page. I especially love Expert tip #3, about how you can solve your clients issues, and Expert Tip #4 about getting amazing;y good at what you do!

    • Thank you Tommi! When you can put yourself in your clients and customers shoes to see what they want and need … especially what they need to be able to make the decision to buy, sales go up!

  8. You bring up some great points Jennifer. When I launched I business 10 years ago, I learned about the concept of positioning yourself as an expert. I have had many areas of focus in my business over the last 10 years, and I have continued to identify what I do best and refine my skills.

    I like what you said that “you need to show up clearly, constantly, and consistently” if you wanted to be referred. That is so true. I’m surprised at how many people just seem to disappear. I strive to be ever present online, so that people can always reach me.

    I have found writing to be critical in positioning myself as an expert. I have written articles, blog posts, books, ebooks, special reports, etc. I admire the quality of your blog posts. They are always informative and well written. And they tell me that you are an expert.

    If I had to share one tip for your readers it would be to set some goals for writing. Identify several writing projects to complete over the next year that will increase your visibility. I think this also ties into your Tip #4 to “constantly work at increasing and strengthening your own skills.” Your best strategy is to become expert at something your clients consistently want and are willing to pay for over and over again.

    • Rick – It’s true, that a lot of people start businesses and them seem to disappear. Likewise, there are a lot of people who start businesses and never really quite find their “thing” so they change businesses or focus every six months and struggle.

      It’s those who are persistent, who never give up, who keep on going — refining, adjusting, tweaking, improving — that last and remain trusted experts.

  9. Jennifer,
    As you display each time you post a blog – you are an expert.
    Enjoyed reading your post on experts. I often hear from new clients
    how ‘wide’ they want to reach and how many people they can work with.
    Narrowing their focus and carving their niche is some of the most important initial
    work we do together. All of your tips are great.

  10. LOVE this post Jen! Especially the part about giving your audience what they need/want and NOT what you want to sell. This is such a difficult concept for many small business owners to grasp, but can be the difference between a profitable enterprise and a very expensive, time consuming hobby. Thanks for these practical tips! I appreciate you.

  11. Your article reminds me of a quote I saw just today for the first time: “What is qualified? What have I been qualified for in my life? I haven’t been qualified to be a mayor. I’m not qualified to be a songwriter. I’m not qualified to be a TV producer. I’m not qualified to be a successful businessman. And so, I don’t know what qualified means.” ~ Sonny Bono

    And, of course, he was quite successful at all those things!

    So, do what you love. Love what you do, and that will shine through!

    XO, Katherine.
    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

    • Katherine – So often we get wrapped up in “qualified” meaning degree, certification, or some other piece of paper … but what people tend to forget is that your experiences, innate talent, and story is also a big part of what makes you qualified!

  12. All great tips, Jennifer. I think #1 is really important, especially when you are just starting out. The best way to quickly establish yourself as an expert is to actually focus on an area to be expert in. Once you have established yourself and you are ready to scale your business, then you can consider branching out a bit more, but only if it makes sense to do so.

  13. I love the quote from Charles Revlon! That really got me thinking. As I am building my new brand around my new business, I am definitely going to keep that in mind. We are not selling product and service, we are selling an experience. Set the wheels turning in this girls head!!

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