Is 2013 your year to see outrageous profits?

Outrageous Profit Revolution

  • What could you do with more money?
  • How would your business benefit?
  • How about you personally?

An Outrageous Profits Revolution is brewing

I’ve been asked to be a part of it — and I want you to join me!

Carrie Sharpshair is a radio host and champion of chief “everything” officers looking for ways to enjoy a business that runs smoothly and is wildly profitable. She’s put together a panel of experts to offer you a FREE educational experience.

From the comfort of your office, this in-depth series will inspire you with powerful and simple tools to hit your revenue goals, time and again. From this one series, you will have a solid foundation to take your business to the next level.

Get ready to discover the REAL keys to running a great business, & let go of the struggle

This event show you how to make & keep more money, deliver great service to your clients, maximize your time and enjoy your life too!

Register for free here:

I’m looking forward to being one of the panelists (all of whom runs a 6-, multi-6, or 7-figure business).

Each panelist was hand selected to bring a specific expertise that will skyrocket your success. We all believe that you and your business deserve to experience outrageous profits in 2013 and beyond.

We’ll be sharing straight talk and advice to:
  • Ensure your business model is profitable
  • Structure your business for instant and lasting success
  • Set the value of your services and products for optimum profit
  • Infuse simplicity and ease into your operations
  • Maintain a flow of ideal clients, all year-round
  • Harness the power of social media to boost revenue
  • And so much more!
This series is absolutely FREE and I KNOW you will want to be part of the revolution!

The Outrageous Profits Revolution has already begun … and you must register to save your spot in this amazing educational experience.

If you know it’s time to get serious and put a plan in place to take your business to a whole new level, you’ll definitely want to join us.

In fact, register today so you don’t miss my interview, where I spill the beans on what it takes to really build an extraordinary, lucrative brand.

I hope to “see” you there!

About Jennifer Bourn

As Creative Director of Bourn Creative, Jennifer leads all consulting, strategy, and creative projects. She is an award-winning designer, specializing in custom WordPress theme design, brand design, Legos (Yes, Legos), and graphic design for small business.

Entrenched in the world of online business, Jennifer consults with clients around the world on branding, website planning, and marketing strategies that leverage the internet to generate leads, attract clients, and create opportunities. She speaks regularly at live events, conferences, and workshops around the country, as well as on radio shows, teleclases, webinars, and podcasts.

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  1. I do believe that this can be a year of outrageous opportunities and profits for entrepreneurs. Sounds like a great deal of useful content at the event. Good going!

  2. Congratulations Jennifer and I wish you great success!

  3. I’m glad your call went well, Jennifer. Sounds like an awesome resource!

  4. Awesome! I’m sure ready for some outrageous profits in 2013!!! YES!!!

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