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High Performance WordPress Hosting | WP Engine Review

Imagine this: Your WordPress website loads extremely fast. It is completely backed up daily and is guaranteed against getting hacked. When there is a WordPress upgrade, your site is updated automatically. You have a magic button to push if anything goes wrong on your site that restores it to normal with one single click — just like Time Machine on a Mac.

Sound like a nerd fairy tale? Yes, but thankfully it’s a real-life fairy tale, and it’s possible for YOU with the managed WordPress hosting company WP Engine.

Quick Side Note: WP Engine is an avid sponsor of WordCamps across the country, supporting the WordPress community and contributing to the success of WordPress with business owners just like you. I’ve had a chance to speak with some team members at WordCamps, and while we really like their approach to WordPress hosting, we also really like the people behind it too — that’s why we are also a proud affiliate.

WP Engine specializes in high performance WordPress hosting.

They have custom built and tuned their servers specifically to achieve performance, scalability, and security for WordPress powered websites. Over the last several months we have launched many of our clients’ new custom WordPress sites on WP Engine and are quite happy with the results.

Each site loads quickly, is completely backed up each day, and WordPress is upgraded automatically. Plus, security is guaranteed — and that magic button I mentioned to restore a site with one click? Yep. It does exist in the customer support panel; although I haven’t had to use it yet (thankfully).

Need to take a test drive to be convinced that WP Engine is right for you? Take a look at any of the four sites below that we recently created. Each of them is a custom WordPress theme on the Genesis Framework, hosted at WP Engine.

The extra investment over a typical shared hosting plan is well worth it to us and our clients knowing that their sites will always load quickly and they will remain safe and secure with the backup and security measures included with every WP Engine account.

How much is peace of mind with your website worth to you?

Go sign up today!

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  1. Jeffry Pilcher

    Almost all the positive stuff you see about WPEngine is posted by affiliates. Don’t fall for it. Unfortunately, I bought into all the hype and glowing reviews. Ugh… switching to WPEngine was one of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made. Headache after headache. Hour upon hour of productivity lost wrangling through issues triggered by WPEngine and tangling with their support people. Nothing but downtime, frustration and stress. Their customer service flat out sucks — it is an utter nightmare.

    All in all, I couldn’t recommend WPEngine to anyone, under any circumstances.

    • Jeffry –

      It’s unfortunate that you had the experience that you did. We host at WP Engine and several of our clients and friends do as well. The experience for us, and those I know personally has been nothing but positive.

      The websites we’ve moved to WP Engine, not only run faster than they ever have before, but they are more secure and more protected. With their managed environment and automatic updates, WP Engine gives website owners peace of mind because they know when WordPress rolls out an update, their site is taken care of — it’s less they have to manage.

      WP Engine does restrict the types of plugins/scripts you can use on your site for both security and site speed. If you don’t do your homework before you move your site, and you use crappy plugins or weird scripts, you could create problems for yourself.

      We’ve only had a few instances where we needed to contact WP Engine support – and they responded quickly and efficiently. They answered all of my questions and provided us detailed info when we asked for it.

      They are a growing company, and any growing company is bound to have a hiccup here and there. What we love about them is their commitment to providing excellent service. I love that they even keep Sucuri Security on retainer.

      Every hosting company at some point has issues. For example, I can’t stand Dreamhost and have crappy support there … but others swear by them and love them.

      It’s not fair to bash people promoting them as affiliates either — did you ever think that they are being promoted not because of the potential commission, but because those who really do understand hosting are THRILLED to have finally found such a reliable WordPress hosting company we can trust and depend on.

      Again, it’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience, but as a web design company that’s been in the back end of at least 20 different hosting environments, we LOVE them and our clients love them … and heck, even the United States Supreme Court chooses to host their blog with Wp Engine.

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