What Is a WordPress Theme Framework And Should You Use One?

What Is a WordPress Theme Framework

Recently, I joined WP Watercooler for an Episode on WordPress Theme Frameworks.

If you’ve ever walked away from your desk for a break and visited the WP Watercooler, you know the experience is like being at a big family holiday — everyone is loud, there is laughter and joking, great conversations, golden nuggets of wisdom, silly banter, and arguing — but all in all, you love them all just the way they are.

While we discussed frameworks, I don’t know if we really had a real, useful discussion about WordPress theme frameworks, why they are popular, how they can accelerate the development process, and whether they are a good fit for you — especially if you’re new to WordPress and frameworks.

There was a lot of banter, different perspectives were shared, some disagreements were had, some knowledge was dropped — and there was a lot of focus on the WordPress Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

DISCLAIMER: Bourn Creative is a Genesis Recommended Developer and an advocate/affiliate for the Genesis framework, as were other guests on the show.

Trust me, you just have to watch it for yourself, and at the very least, I promise this episode should be pretty entertaining!

Learn What a WordPress Theme Framework Is And Whether It’s Right For You

What Are Website Menus And How Are They Used In WordPress Sites?

What Is a WordPress Menu And How Do I Use Menus

At the most basic level, a WordPress menu is just a collection or list of links

The most common placement of a menu is in the site navigation area or navigation bar, and is referred to as a navigation menu.

Each link in a menu is called a menu item. Some menu items may have sub-menu items that are displayed in a drop down menu.

  • EXAMPLE: A basic website navigation menu may include menu items such as About, Services, Products, Testimonials, and Contact. The Services menu item may display a drop down menu, with the sub-menu items Private Consulting, Group Training, VIP Day.

Below you’ll see a site with a primary navigation menu, a secondary header menu, and a drop down menu of sub pages under the Assessments menu item.

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Born To Influence, The Marketing Show

Born To Influence Marketing Show Interview With Jennifer Bourn

How I got my first client, where I go to find clients, and which should come first — the website or marketing and branding or marketing, are just a few of the things I share in my interview on Born to Influence, The Marketing Show.

Born To Influence, hosted by Mette Muller and Esther Kiss is for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to build a legacy. The show, published daily, Monday through Saturday, features expert interviews on business and marketing. Each episode is guaranteed to include actionable advice that works — so you can apply it in your business immediately.

I am excited to share this interview with you! Esther was a great host, and we get pretty candid on what goes on behind the scenes of a successful business.

Learn More About The Interview And The Secrets Jennifer Divulges

How To Design A Website Header (And What Should Go In It)

Learn How to Design An Effective Website Header And What Should Be In a Website Header

A website header is the area is one of the most valuable areas of your website. It runs across the top of the page and appears on every page of your website, except on sales or landing pages templates that have it removed.

The purpose of your website header is to promote your brand and make your site instantly recognizable to those who are already familiar with you

For many businesses, the header is the perfect place to efficiently and effectively convey exactly what your site is about and what your business does.

Learn What Should Be In Your Website Header

How to Create A Highly Effective Website Home Page

What Content to Include On a Website Home Page

While many visitors may enter your website for the first time through a blog post, your Home page is the virtual front door of your website and the main door into your site for the rest of the world. When someone visits your site directly through your main URL, your Home page is the first page of your website they will see.

The Home page represents the very first opportunity you have to make an impression. So visitors need to be able to quickly figure out — in just a few seconds — if they are in the right place, and if your site is what they have been looking for.

Defining the purpose of your website, and in turn the purpose of your Home page is the first step in creating a strategy that will attract your ideal clients and customers to your website.

Get Tips to Create an Effective Website Home Page

Leaders In The Trenches

Leaders In The Trenches With Gene Hammett

One of my favorite things is speaking, and one of the best ways to do that without traveling to an event is do do interviews and guest talks on podcasts, radio shows, and teleseminars.

Recently I was asked to give a interview for Gene Hammett’s podcast, Leaders In The Trenches.

Gene is a business coach who works with high-achieving leaders in small businesses who want to lead with confidence and achieve true financial freedom. As the Managing Director of Core Elevation, Inc., Gene helps leaders transform from stagnate, stressed and struggling to thriving, growing, and loving their work. On his podcast, he interviews business owners and leaders about their business — about getting started, building it, growing it, about marketing and selling, and strategies for success.

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Simple But Effective Copywriting Tips For Email Marketing

Email Marketing Copywriting

Like the email subject line, the copywriting in your email is also an important part of the your email marketing success — and the approach needs to be personal.

When you’re writing for email (and most types of marketing for that matter), you’re not writing to a general audience, to a big group, to just anyone — you’re writing to one person, to one subscriber that has a connection to you.

Think of your email marketing copywriting as the art of creating a conversation between you and a single subscriber

You want them to read your email and feel like you are speaking right to them. Like they matter. Like they know you and you know them.

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Finally Get It Done

Finally Get It Done Live Workshop With Carrie Greene

Do you procrastinate? I know I do. But I don’t feel too bad, because I do my best work under pressure — and it forces me to be focused and to not waste time.

97% of the population also procrastinates

Usually it’s no big deal. You grab the present on the way to the party, you grab a quick sandwich and eat it in the car, you have overnight or same shipping available. Groceries can be delivered.

Personally, procrastination doesn’t matter much because things still get done. There’s more stress, but they still get done. Professionally, that’s a whole different story.

The problem with procrastination in business

For entrepreneurs procrastination causes serious problems. It causes you to focus on only what must be done immediately and not necessarily the best thing to get done. As a result, the easiest projects to put off tend to be the ones that are most likely to move our businesses forward — our own projects.

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11 Email Marketing WORST Practices

Email Marketing Worst Practices

Let’s talk about email marketing worst practices

When it comes to email marketing, if you do it right, you’ll experience great success, you’ll create strong relationships, build a loyal and responsive list, gain more visibility, and attract more new opportunities. Plus, you’ll see an increase in sales conversions.

But if you decide to use some of the email marketing worst practices — those frowned upon by savvy business owners, consumers, internet service providers, email marketing service providers, and the government — you might as well not even bother. It’ll do you more harm than good.

Learn The 11 Worst Email Marketing Practices You Must Avoid